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About Reading Captial

Reading Capital, founded in 2012, Is a Research-Based Private Fund, Focused On Israeli Related Equities.

Competitive Edge

Agile Decision Making, Alignment Of Interests And A Concentrated Portfolio Are Our Weapons Of Choice


Reading Capital was founded by Tsahi Avraham, a highly influential senior analyst. Mr. Avraham was on the top of Israeli financial press analyst ranking and on The Marker prestigious 40 under 40 lists.


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צחי אברהם - שותף מנהל   |   דוא"ל:  ta@reading-capital.com   |   טלפון קווי:  03-529-0110
טלפון נייד: 052-4530-183  |   כתובת: רח' מנחם בגין 144 א׳ ת״א, מגדל מידטאון קומה 23.

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