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We use our unique approach of deep research and fundamental value investing. We take a long-term view and invest only in

high-conviction ideas. By doing that Over the years, Reading Capital has generated significant returns to our investors.


Reading Global utilizes a similar approach to the global markets. 

We look for high-conviction ideas through focus on high-quality business with proven leaders.

was founded in 2012 and launched Reading capital officially  on Jan 1st 2013.

We have been doing it exceptionally well ever since through our robust investment process and framework for value.

We invest only in public companies and dig deep for hidden gems, misunderstood situations and new operating models. 

We aim for beating the index over a cycle and proud in our track record and can present

our results only to accredited investors. You are more than welcome to contact us. 


Our name derives from what we found to be the most important skill of the avid investor.

We are obsessed with reading, learning and improving, and our research team dedicates long hours

for pure reading every single day

Administrator & Tax Trustee: Tzur Capital Management Ltd 

CPA Auditor: Kost Forer Gabbay & Kasirrer [EY] |  Legal Advice: "Oded Kraizel Law Company"

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